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Slug Generator


What is a Slug?

Slug can define as the part of a URL that identifies a page in human-readable keywords. It is usually the end part of the URL (specifically of the path / pathinfo part), which can be interpreted as the name of the resource, similar to the basename in a filename or the title of a page. The name is based on the use of the word slug in the news media to indicate a short name given to an article for internal use.

What slug generator does?

Slug Generator is a free online developer tool to instantly slugify words or text to an SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slug for better SEO optimization.

How to Generate a Great URL?

Generate slugs relevant to page content, keep them short, and avoid using special characters. Use a combination of lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes. Avoid using the word 'index' or 'home' as a slug. Our slug generator doesn't do filtering for versatile use purposes.

What is a Clean URL?

Clean URLs, also sometimes referred to as RESTful URLs, user-friendly URLs, pretty URLs or search engine- friendly URLs, are URLs intended to improve the usability and accessibility of a website or web service by being immediately and intuitively meaningful to non - expert users.

What is our advice?

Slug isn’t the only part of your URL that matters. While special emphasis may be given to the slug because each page requires its own, every element of the URL path helps search engines and users understand page content and site navigation.


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